Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Behold Your Little Ones

Two days ago my daughter, Brianna Ruth McGee, was born at 2:00 pm. That night Catie and I were reading 3 Nephi 17 where Christ is visiting the people in America. He tells them that they are pretty tired and need to go home and ponder what he's taught. But, all the people start to cry and beg him to stay. He ends up staying and heals all the sick and afflicted. Then, he tells them to bring their children and says, "Behold your little ones" as angels descend and administer to the children.

I've always been amazed at what they could have missed if they had just accepted what he said and went home. Then, I thought about how often that is what I do at church, general conference, or some other church event, even the temple sometimes. During an event that should be an amazingly spiritual, enlightening experience, I'm looking at the clock wondering when this will be over even pondering what I'm going to have for dinner. These guys weren't doing that, rather they were saying "I want more. Please don't send us home yet."

Then, when you juxtapose that with his statement "Behold your little ones" what effect do these two attitudes have on our children? Well, we can see what happened to their children. For a hundred years, they were completely righteous.

Back to the topic of beholding your little ones, I've often heard people say or at least have the philosophy that children should be seen and not heard. I am pretty sure that's not what christ meant when he said "Behold your little ones." I think he's actually commanding us to pay attention and notice our children. Sometimes it's hard to remember that though. I get so busy with all the things I have to do that I often forget to focus on the person that really matters.

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