Sunday, March 1, 2009

21st Century Martin Handcart Company

I just found these photos from Christmas. Catie took these photos from the comfort of our car, which conveniently got stuck in the snow when we slid off the road.

We were traveling to Brigham from Logan to visit our parents on Christmas morning. We decided that because it was snowing it would be safer to avoid the canyon and travel through Honeyville. It was difficult to see, and there were tracks on the left side of the road that looked like the road. I began to drive towards the tracks until I noticed that they were tracks left by a truck that was previously stuck. When I overcorrected our car slid off the right side of the road.

As we were waiting for our family to rescue us, we watched a train of cars get stuck in this location. I got out to help push and others started to join as we pushed each car through Honeyville (except ours of course; it was towed later). We ended up getting a ride from one of these vehicles.

Interestingly, as I drove back to pick up our car, I noticed that there are several drop offs along this road. We were lucky enough to land in a spot that was flat.

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