Friday, May 15, 2009

That Prophet

While I was on my mission teaching about Joseph Smith, I was often told that the prophets ended with Jesus Christ and the apostles. However, one my favorite scriptures that I believe shows that the Jews didn't believe this would be the case is in John chapter 1. In this chapter, the priests and Levites, the religious leaders and experts in the scriptures, were questioning John. They ask him three questions 1. Art thou the Chirst? No 2. Art thou Elias? No (however, the Joseph Smith translation says that he says yes to this question) 3. Art thou that prophet? No.

So is THAT prophet? It's not the Christ because John already said no to that question. It's not the Elias before Christ because that is John. It's definitely a prophet who is foretold to come after Christ. While this doesn't prove that Joseph Smith was that prophet nor that he was a prophet, it does show that Jews, John, whom Jesus calls the greatest prophet, don't hesitate to suggest that there is another prophet. The only way to find out if this is Joseph Smith is to try the fruit (read the Book of Mormon and pray), but I still like the added testimony found in John 1:21.

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