Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers from the Scriptures

As I think about Father's Day, I'm reminded of the all of the great fathers that are found in the scriptures. I was actually thinking about creating a longer blog on this, but then I heard an ad for a book called, "Men of Influence." I haven't read it, but it sounded like the author stole my idea. I might still write something more-in-depth though. Here are some of my favorite Fathers in the scriptures and what I learn from them:

Abraham: Trust your children to the Lord
Isaac: Find out the hearts of your children from your wife.
Jacob: Leave your In-laws for your family's sake. Don't pick favorites. Give your children and grandchildren blessings.
Saul: Look to the example of your righteous children and listen to them.

Lehi: Take your family where the Lord wants you to take them despite the family protests. Counsel each child according to their needs with love. At first they were subtle reminders. On his death bed it was, "Awake from the sleep of hell. Rise up and be men."
Nephi: Father of a nation-weeps for his people. Does our current father of the nation do that (I doubt it, maybe if his ratings go down).
Jacob: Teach your children in their youth and it will come back to them at unexpected times.
Benjamin: Teach and testify of the scriptures. Teach service by example.
Mosiah: Let your children go and they will be protected.
Alma the Elder: Pray and fast for your children. Teach your children despite their unwillingness.
Alma the younger: Take your children with you on mission (church duties) when appropriate. Counsel with them indivually based on their needs. Testify and tell them of your spiritual experiences.
Helaman I: Adopts 2,000 sons that he leads into war. Asks them for their advice before he proceeds.
Helaman II: Honor your name (surname, given name, or Christ's name). Remember what your ancestors went through and taught.
Mormon: Write to your children. Keep a record for your children. Correct incorrect doctrine or traditions even if it's not the popular thing to do. Another father of the nation who cares deeply about his people.

Well these are a few of my favorite father and son relationships in the scriptures. Unfortunately, I can't think of many examples from the Bible. It seems like of the Old Testament is about bad father examples. What are some of your favorite father examples from the scriptures? If you can't think of anyone from the scriptures, what are some prominent father figures that teach great lessons found in literature (or I'll even go with movies)? For example, one of my favorites is Atticus from "To Kill a Mocking Bird." Another is Jean Valjean from "Les Miserables."

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