Saturday, July 18, 2009

The parable of the Hammer and the Pencil

It's not a poem, but I just thought of a short little parable that can go with Romans 9:20 (there's a counterpart in Isaiah, but I didn't look it up).

There once was a carpenter that was building a house. He loved his hammer. It was strong, durable, and helped him in so many ways. One day, the hammer was heard to boast, "I am the practically the only tool the carpenter needs. All those other tools are nothing compared to me. Although, I wish some of those tools would help out a little. I have to do all of the work. "

Suddenly the builder placed the hammer back in the toolbox. "What are you doing?" the hammer cried out. "We're not done with this house yet. You can't put me away.

"I am giving you a rest," the carpenter said compassionately, "I need a different tool. Now let me consider for a moment." At that, the carpenter closed the toolbox.

"But I'm the only tool capable of doing all the jobs. Why did he put me away." The hammer continued to moan to himself.

While the hammer was moaning to himself, he didn't notice a tiny pencil was also moaning to herself quietly. "I'm so useless. Why does the carpenter even keep me in this toolbox with so many wonderful tools. There's the saw, with his giant teeth for cutting. There's that new electric drill, with all of that power. Even the nails, which are smaller, are useful when used together. And of course there's the hammer; he can do anything."

With a flash of light, the toolbox lid flung open. "Let me see, where are you?" the carpenter said as he searched inside the toolbox. "Ah, there you are," he said as he pulled out the tiny pencil.

"What are you doing?" the pencil nervously asked. "I can't help you. I'm not good at anything."

"Oh, yes you are. Just watch." At that the carpenter pulled out the measuring tape and closed.

"Hey, what about me," the hammer said as the lid closed. But the carpenter didn't respond.

The carpenter set a board on top of a pile of wood. Then, he extended the measuring tape, which seemed to wink knowingly at the pencil. "Yes, I think that will be perfect," the carpenter said. And he used the pencil to draw a line on the board.

Roamsn 9:20 "Shall the thing formed say to Him that formed it, 'why has thou made me thus?"

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