Saturday, January 16, 2010

According to the faith and diligence we gave to it

Before lehis family began their long journey across the desert, god gave them the liahona, a mysterious compass that always pointed in the direction they should go.

When nephi breaks his bow, the entire family is upset because that was their livelihood. Even lehi, the patriarch and prophet of the family. Nephi, however, takes ownership and replaces his bow. Then,he ask his father where he should go find food. His father looks at the liahona and finds that there is writing that has changed.

Nephi makes these two conclusions about the liahona: "the pointers did work according to the faith and diligence and heed which we did give unto them" and "it had writing which did give us understanding concerning the wats of the lord and it was changed from time to time, according to the faith and diligence which we gave unto them." later it also says that they were led into the more fertile parts of the land.

I imagine the compass only gave them direction for a few feet or maybe a few miles. Then it would probably change their course. I wonder if ther was ever a time that they were heading into a part that looked prosperous then suddenly have the liahona direct them into an area they looked barren. I'm sure laman and lemuel wouldve said it wants us to go there, but this way looks so much better. Who knows what lays down that better trail though, could be thieves, could be a longer stretch of desert, or could just be better blessings on the otther trail.

My wife has been having a hard time because the liahona (scriptures, prayer, etc) told her to persue school. She made a deal that she would continue school until we had another child. When we didn't get pregnant for several years after ben was born and discovered some medical problems we assumed we were done. She had her journey all laid out. She would graduate in may and continue on to get a phd in psych. It looked like such a great path.

One semester before she

We can do as lehi and most of his children did and complain, murmur, and hate the lord for leading us into a harder trail or we can follow nephi's example and go make our bow and find where the lord would have us go next.

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