Sunday, February 14, 2010

Adventures in New York City

Went to New York City today.

  • Didn't have cash for toll.
  • Saw the statue of liberty from the ferry.
Times Square
  • Ate at McDonald's at times square (because it was cold)-girl in front stole our food.
  • Took a picture of Elmo and Mickey
  • Saw some giant, weird lookin white guys (when I say white I don't mean Caucasian, I mean WHITE).
  • Sat on a giant M&M and saw a giant bottle of hersey syrup next to a candy bar the size of my son.

Grand Central Station
  • Took subway to Grand Central Station and almost got mugged.
  • Helped a couple our age find their way to Times Square with a map we stole (I think it was free)
  • They tried to direct us towards Rockefellar Center (2 blocks from Times Square)

Rockefellar Center/Empire State Building
  • While attempting to walk to Rockefeller center, we ended up at the empire state building (about 2 miles the other way).
  • Remembered that I have an iphone with a map that provides direction and there was no excuse for getting lost.
  • On the return trip to Rockefellar Center, we stopped to rest at the library (you have to have special doors unlocked if you want to actually see a book)
  • Watched a wedding at the Patrick's Cathedral
  • finally, made it to Rockefeller's to watch people ice skate.
Central Park and Temple
  • Got lost on the subway trying to visit Central Park and the temple.
  • After finding the right subway, we were unable to push our way through the people at the stop for the temple.
  • Next stop-saw central park (it was even more freezing than when we started and my wife was even more pregnant, so we saw it and walked on).
  • Started walking towards the temple, saw someone being arrested.
  • One block short of viewing the temple, we gave up and got back on the freeway headed home.
Travel Back to Relatives
  • If you think our adventure ends there-OH NO.
  • Our GPS took us over the Brooklyn Bridge and through New York (exactly what we were trying to avoid by parking at Staten Island) through a tunnel that goes under the water.

Let me just say that although I enjoyed spending the time with my beautiful wife and had fun seeing the sites, I do not HEART NY.


  1. So where are you now? Did you get in touch with Steve and Ruth. Sounds like your experience might have been similar to ours when we lived in Delaware about 50+ years ago
    Each weekend we would go for a trip to see the sites. We lived in Delaware but it didn't matter what route we went on we always ended up in the same place, so the term for us became "all roads lead to Kennet Square, which incidentally is in Pennsylvania.
    love G&G

  2. I really had a great time honey. Thanks for coming with me.